Osteoarthritis treatment with PRP

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, which means platelet-rich plasma. Plasma is the yellow liquid of human blood that carries blood cells, platelets, and other blood cells into the veins.
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International workshop on spinal cord stimulation is held

The International Spinal Cord Injury Training Workshop will be held on July 24th and 25th at Tabriz International Hospital (Valiasr) with the participation of Dr. Alireza Rahimi and Dr. Eric Bucher,
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Follow up on the training of the Tofarqan Basketball Team at Dr. Rahimi health and spa complex

Players of Azarshahr Basketball Premier League team held their gym training today at the Dr. Rahimi health and spa complex.
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Dr. Alireza Rahimi as lecturer and lecturer at the Second International Pain Symposium in Istanbul

The Second International Symposium on Pain in Istanbul, in a formal letter, invited Dr. Alireza Rahimi to be the lecturer and lecturer at the congress.
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Changing working hours

As of next week's holiday, Dr. Rahimi's Health & Spa Complex hours are changing.
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Member of Dr. Rahimi's Spa and Wellness Center in country tennis competitions

Armin Mohammadian Fard, a member of Dr. Rahimi's Spa and Wellness Center, won third place in the country's tennis competition.
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Dr. Rahimi's two-day holiday at the Spa and Wellness Center

Dr. Rahimi health & spa complex is closed on Friday and Saturday.
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A group of Baku physicians visit the pain clinic of Dr. Alireza Rahimi

A group of medical specialists from Baku visited Dr. Rahimi's facilities at the Pain Specialist Clinic and Spa Center.
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Follow-up of the only representative of the Azerbaijani Premier League in dr.rahimi health and spa center

This morning the only representative of Azerbaijan in the country's Super League started their professional training and preparation in the most equipped northwest club of the country for the new season of competitions.
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