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The Second International Symposium on Pain in Istanbul, in a formal letter, invited Dr. Alireza Rahimi to be the lecturer and lecturer at the congress.

The Second International Symposium on Pain "Exchange and Training of Pain Cures by Doctors Workshops Around the World" on October 25 and 26 in Istanbul, Turkey with the participation of the world's most renowned International Pain Professors for more than 100 specialist and twenty specialist physicians And held four countries around the world.

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Attendance of the three main founders of the World Association of Pain Professor Gabor B. Racz of America, Professor Ricardo Ruiz Lopez of Spain and Professor Serdar Erdine of Turkey, along with the current President of the World Pain Association Gustavo Varrassi ) From Italy and former Dutch President Kris Vissers from the Netherlands were among the most prominent features and privileges of this international workshop, which is a testament to the greatness and high quality of this congress.
Dr. Alireza Rahimi (MD, MSc, FIPP, MD, MS, FIPP, Fellow of WIP) is a member of the board of this scientific congress and lectured on "Cervical pain and radiculopathy" as the sole representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran. .

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