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This morning the only representative of Azerbaijan in the country's Super League started their professional training and preparation in the most equipped northwest club of the country for the new season of competitions.

The players and technical staff of Azarshahr Basketball League Tofarqan Azarshahr team held their second training session this morning at the spa and health center of one of the most equipped clubs in the northwest of the country, Dr. Rahimi. The players under training in the first period were trained in the gym and the second period went to the aerobic gym. Finally, the basketball players in the third period went to the center's pool and water hall to complete their recovery.

Siamak Weissy, head coach of Azarshahr Basketball Teams, said in a conversation with SPA's dedicated media outlet, Dr. Rahimi: "The team was in the national league last year and we are entering the Premier League for the first time this year with a mix of young players. .
"Our goal is to get a good start in the Premier League and to become a lasting team. The first year in the league is very important and we are trying to get into the competition with the support of the club and the right team supporters. And of course, being in the Premier League can attract those who are interested in basketball and ultimately identify these talents.
"We have a young team that was closing in very late and I joined the team in overtime," said Weiss. We kept a few players who played in the same team last season. One player from Tabriz and Ardebil was added to the team and the other players tried to select from the young and talented. And a foreign player will probably be used to help the team.
Siamak Weiss pointed out the presence of 4 teams in the Iranian Basketball Premier League: Naft Abadan, Gorgan Municipality, Tehran Shimidar, Bandar Imam Petrochemical, Esfahan Zob Ahan, Tofarqan Azarshahr, Raad Padafand, Mes Kerman, Avieh Teams, Tehran Land Force, Qazvin City Council, Bandar Abbas Municipality and Exxon Tehran are the two teams that will be present in the new season. According to a draw on November 9th in Mashhad, we will face the special industry team of this city. We will also be ready to host for the second week if the flooring and lighting standard of Azarshahr Hall is completed, otherwise home games will be held in Tabriz.
At the end of Babian, the coach of the Azarshahr Tofarqan Basketball Team, one of the important criteria for choosing Rahimi's Spa and Wellness Center is that it fulfills all the expectations of athletes, he said: "I had not seen a complete set like this and also a number of professional centers. Those that have sports and medical services in one place are very few. Conducting recovery, rehabilitation, bodybuilding sessions at the center provides a pleasant experience and a happy memory of exercise. And it would be an ideal place for professional athletes and ordinary people alike.

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